I have always been a DIY kinda gal so in 2011 when I couldnt find that *just-right-for-me* style nursing cover I did the logical thing and... made a business! Over time the items have changed but the focus is the same: self-expression!

My goal is to bring you styles and designs that fit your unique personality, are comfortable and spark your joy!

A Massachusetts raised, occasionally foul mouthed, outspoken introvert with a handful of kids and a passion for authenticity.

Hey! I'm Mary-Ashley, the big guy is my husband Tim and those little ones that look just like me are YES - alllllll mine! My hands are full, at least that's what I've been told by every passerby in the grocery store. We live in central MA where I press shirts and tumblers in this cute little space my husband built for me when I told him I absolutely HAD TO get have just *one* area to myself.

In my little basement "office" you can find me having solo dance parties listening to Linkin Park, Amy Winehouse and whatever is viral on tiktok at the moment. I may or may not have vivid hair depending on my mood and I'm definitely drinking "anything with bubbles" (my favorite soda is MOXIE!).

I started my business in 2011 sewing nursing covers. If you don't know, those are basically fabric aprons you wear around your neck while breastfeeding so that other people can't see what's going on under there. Making them was therapeutic for me, wearing them was another story. I quickly moved to making dresses and skirts which was fun because I had 2 boys at the time. The girl wouldn't join us until 2020 which is when I completely rebranded to become the shop "It's Made By Mary" is today!

Being a neurodivergent parent to neurodivergent kids is... a lot. haha Being a business owner was never part of my plan but HERE WE ARE, AYY! Customer service has always been something I enjoy & this business helps fill my cup in ways I can't explain. I love hanging out in your tee parties, meeting your friends and getting to know ya'll better in the IMBM vip facebook group.

Thank you for being here and helping to keep these hands of mine busy. You are worthy, loved and very much appreciated!